Why does my skin turn red after scratching?

I've had this problem since I be a teenager, but every time I scratch my skin, my skin turns red and get inflamed. It isn't bumpy or raised, it just turns bright red, even at the slightest mark. It doesn't bother me very much, but I'm just tired of looking approaching I've been scratched by a cat all the time.

Answer:    It sounds resembling dermographism. I have it too, I've had it since I be about 13, and I'm 20 now!
There isn't any cure for it I'm afraid, but I am going to stop by my doctor to see if there is anything that can lessen the symptoms, I'm sick of people axiom "oh my god, what have you done to your arm/face/neck/legs/chest etc?!"

I think that anti-histamines could support, but it's not really a long term plan. I can always message you after my doctors appt if you want? Just permit me know..
Your skin shouldn't be so sensitive prone to itching, but I suggest not itching it. The best solution is one of Neutrogena or Dove's anti-itch creams or even better: mousterizing creams. It's wonderful to use and creamy to touch. You'll love it, and the best part is you can get a bit sample of it to try out before you buy.

Good luck!
I own the same problem, I scratch it and next after a few minutes they look like horrible wounds lol. As for why? I have without doubt no Idea

But sometimes, just for kicks, I'll draw Jesus crosses on my arm and speak about people I'm possessed by the devil. lol.
the nerves get irritated and inflame

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