Why cant you put bleach on a wound?

after all it is a cleaner

Answer:    I suppose you could if you really needed to... Why don't you try it first and let us know how it works. OK?

If it hurts, just shout and I'll call 911 for you..
Actually.... Bleach and water, certain as Dakin's solution, has been used for heaps years in wound care. It is effectively reduce the bacterial load in wounds and supports debridement. It is used contained by a wide range of dilutions.

The stonger concentrations (full stength Dakins--.5% solution) can negatively effect the cell that make new tissue. It is collectively used only in notably contaminated wounds for short duration, or if palliative care, not healing, is the dream.

A more dilute concentration (0.0125%) is broadly antimicrobial and yet is dilute enough not to impair the entertainment. of the proliferative cells. It is inexpensive and easy to use.

Notice the push button words.... "water" and "bleach" together :)

Bleach alone is considered a "cytotoxic" agents which means these substances actually verbs vital tissue (good, living tissue). Once you do so, you delay curative..
Straight chlorine bleach damages healthy skin cells. I've see instructions for diluted bleach and water for this, but there are still better things. I guess within a pinch, it would be better to treat a wound with bleach than to get gangrene and lose a member. Oh you can and add a little Tabasco to it while your at it..
you can but DON"T!! ouch!! you'll shoot off your skin cells... and hurt the neighbors ears! Dang, I told you , tolerate me clean it for you!! I think Lysol would work better...kill germs & all.

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