What generous of impulsive? outdoor impulse or dry skin?

About 4 days ago I started to get a rash. It started about 2 inches down from my hip bone(which I thought be kind of a wierd place) and has spread to my lower back to my upper legs, and in a minute today it is on the inside of my arms, It starts as blistery bumps and thenthey scab over and get itchy. I live in Nebraska and was working outside surrounded by a woody area last week. I have have a history of severe dry skin and eczema. My question is if there is anything outside now that could motivation a contagious rash, like poison ivy even though it is dead, or if it is adjectives to have a dry skin rash or eczema that spreads.
Answers:    Dead poison ivy can still be contagious. My mom once even got it adjectives over from getting in the smoke of a fire where we were burning leaves/branches that have some poison ivy vines on them. She hadn't even helped pile them up so it had to be the smoke.

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