What catogorie of an bad health within Autism?

im doing a project for school adn i need to know what catogorie of an ilness it is like
for example
anerexia is a brain disorder but the catogorie it falls into after brain siorder is drinking disorder. What is autism??

plz help me
Answers:    It is a sub-category of PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) and is often described as a neurological disorder.

It is definitely a developmental problem. Something happen to these children (often between the ages of 1 and 3), and they suddenly move backwards in the normal developmental process. For instance, they might be walking and talking and inwardly a few days time they stop talking or walking (this backward movement in the developmental process is particular as regression).


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It's classified as a Pervasive Development Disorder, which means it developed in early childhood and last throughout your life. But . . . . . the doctors who are reversing it, call it a medical disease that has psychiatric symptoms. In other words, its cause by pathogens and toxins, that get into their brains and affect the person's behaviors. My children no longer have autism due to such treatement. Thus, you can give the Pervasived Development Disorder explanation for your guru, but realize that their is a whole other opinion by those who are actually ridding it. These doctors are truly all over the U.S. You can find them by googling "DAN doctors", or going to www.generationrescue.org to talk to parents who have recovered their children from autism. They will relate you of the doctors in your area who know how. Like I said, its from pathogens (germs) and toxins. The toxins are all around us, due to the - ably lets just say we allow too heaps untested toxins in our foods, medicines, clothes, air, soil, etc.

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most recurrently it is classified as a learning disability Source(s): RN

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