***Urgent---Polyps in Colon??***?

I have PCOS but be getting severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea so my gynae reffered me to a general surgeon . the broad surgeon sent me for a CT scan with the dye in my arm and later a barium enema 2 weeks later. I went for the results yesterday and be told that the CT scan was clear but they found 2 polyps on my colon. At only 18 years of age the surgeon said he found this to some extent unusual. My moms uncle died of colon cancer last year at 58 and my aunt has lately been diagnosed with duplicate at 40. To be honest i am absolutely terrified-i know that i was lucky that they found it but at like peas in a pod time i have a thousand ?s runnin round my head since.I am booked within 4 a colonoscopy where they will be removed+then a biopsy will be performed. The doctor be shocked so that made me even more anxious. If any1 has been within a similar position could u let me know your thoughts or even if u know anything about the condition itself. Thank you

Answer:    polyps don't guarantee that you own cancer. By your family history your family may enjoy a predisposition to bowel cancer, but again it doesn't mean you have / will attain it.

I've had a geneticist look into our family history and this is what I be told. my sister and I will start early screening when we reach 35.

Keep going near the screening that has been recommended as explicitly where you will find out. Read up about prevention, if you are worried put away a sensible diet with plenty of fibre to preserve everything moving and healthy. And if everything is fine now, insiist that you hold regular screening as the earlier you catch something the better.

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