Tore a Wart Half Way Off, And Now it is Gushing Blood, What do i do?

well i ripped my wart to almsot partially way off, and and wont travel anymore, and everytime i try to pull it off the rest of the instrument, it gushes blood, i mean tons of blood, like dripping amount, and presently my arm is startin to feel a little odd is it because of all the blood lost? what do i do about the wart? i imply i cant just leave it sagging half way rotten, Ty

Answer:    Apply some continous pressure on it to stop the bleeding. If you get it to stop bleeding, bandage it and later give it time to heal up and generate an appointment with a doctor.

If it doesn't stop bleeding, call your doctor's after hours services and collaborate to the nurse/doctor on call and get their recommendation.

And for pete's sake, STOP picking at the thing. You are going to give yourself an infection or spread the wart even more. A dermatologist can freeze it bad in a couple of visits, and heck, that have GOT TO BE BETTER than ripping it off your arm!! Goodness!.
I doubt your tons of blood are more than a cup full which is insignificant. Try putting 24 hour eye drops on it as they are a vasoconstrictor and will stop the bleeding. You should freeze a wart off next to one of the commercial preparations and there will be no bleeding. If you cannot get that, invert a dustoff can and spray a Qtip until it is frozen and apply to the wart until it is indistinguishable. For now cover it with a belt aid. A frozen wart will fall off surrounded by a week. what kind of wart is it?
well if i be you, it tear it off next rinse it with water (it might hurt a bit because im within the SAME situation now.) and then cover it next to some vaseline and a bandage.

then if its still messed up after 2 days shift to the doctor and ask for help..
you def. should not do that. If you want a wart removed you can go see a doctor or they market the wart removers at stores. Try those. If i was you i would put a bandage over it and walk out it alone till it heals up. The i would have something done in the region of it.

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