Sibling with diffrent blood type?

my sister is O and i am AB+, and we have impossible to tell apart parents. can that be?

Answer:    Yes, that is possible. You just enjoy to understand a little in the region of how inheritance of blood types work.

There are 3 "alleles" that make up the blood groups - A, B, O.

A person can be:
AO - and would be type A
AA - and would be type A
BO - and would be type B
BB - and would be type B
AB - and would be type AB
OO - and would be type O

You inherit 1 allele from respectively parent. Say in this example your mom is type A and your dad is type B. But say your mom's A is the AO (not AA), and your dad's B is the BO (not BB).

You adjectives the A from mom and the B from dad giving you AB. Your sister inherited the O from mom and the O from dad giving her the OO.

There are 2 other options. One is something call Bombay phenotype. I wrote about this as part of my master's essay. I have a master's degree surrounded by this entire topic - Serology (and DNA).

Hard to explain simply, but I'll try. If you have A, you have antigens on your red blood cell that distinguish that type. Same goes with B. You don't enjoy any antigens on the cells with type O. A precursor to the A antigen and also the B antigen is call H. Normally the H will "change" into the A or the B - determined by heredity of the blood type. Sometimes though the H doesn't change and even though someone may really be type AO or BO for example, it would show up as OO on blood test.

The last possibility is that you and your sister don't really have matching parents.

But quite honestly, most likely, it's the first scenario. Mom & Dad are AO & BO, and you get the AB and your sis got the OO.

Most of the answers by the other posters are completely inaccurate. They don't own a full understanding of serology, genetics, and antigenic determinants..
yes, its a long process...but it go back to your grandparents (I am just going support that far). Say you moms dad is A- and her mom is O; while your dads dad is B and his mom is O-. that mean that you and your sister can be born with different blood types, because your parents already enjoy the different ABO types in them, its just one is more dominate than the other. For example, since you are AB+ and your sister is O, the likelihood of you having a child AB or O are (in order to shorten this up) are 50/50. (the more citizens you have in your people with O blood, the more common it will stay contained by your family, even though AB blood is supposed to be more dominate (its just really rare)) You get one accurate answer and that was from Bm whatever.

All the others be nonsense. I wish relations wouldn't pronounce on blood types and cast doubt on relationships when they haven't the least legitimate knowledge. Pisses me off.

Oops, within were two other correct answers - simultaneous posting..
Yes you can have different blood types and enjoy same parents this happens very regularly i have type A+ and no one else within my family does it is just happen. yes, you have one of your parents blood type...ask them what theirs i am O+ close to my dad and my brother is A-. See what I mean? You have to own one of their blood types..

Good Luck.
Possible.. mum is O and dad is AB+... your sister inherits your mum and you, your dad..
Usually, as far as I've known, we tends to inherit dad's.. Either one of your parents is AB+ or one of your parents isn't your parent.

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