Risk of getting hepatitis c if i have protected sex with a girl that has it.?

shouldnt do back door stuff right?
what is the %5 point?
is cummining in her mouth ok?

Answer:    The risk is very small. Hep C is spread from blood to blood contact just. The only way to contract Hep C through sex is if blood is involved. That is why they say aloud to avoid anal sex. Because of the risk of bleeding. As always, you should use a condom if it is just a dispassionate relationship. But, you will be fine. I have had Hep C since I be born and I have been next to my husband for 6 1/2 years. He has never contracted it from me. Good luck..
While Hep C can be sexually transmitted, it usually isn't. It's a *very* small percentage who get it this road. It's much more common to get Hep **B** via sexual contact.

Use a condom. That's a must.

Anal is probably not a great model because Hep C is bloodborne, and the anus can tear and bleed. You want to keep blood to an proper minimum!

Ejaculating into her mouth can spread other STDs, and possibly spread herpes from her mouth to your penis if you're not careful. This is just surrounded by general, but you oughtta consider using a flavored condom for oral sex..
the 5% "thing" as you call it simply medium that there is a small chance of spread hcv via sexual intercourse where on earth the exchange of blood occurs NOT bodily fluids. the correct term is call the risk factor and it is at .05% not 5 percent.

in order for hcv to transpire, blood from the infected and an stretch out wound in the other have to ensue.

you have more a chance of acquire hcv via household exposure which is .06%. sharing drugs, going to the dentist or having surgery of any kind prior to 1995 and blood transfusions and self a veteran of any age, serving any time/decade- these are higher probabilities!! MUCH higher!

as other there is a million ways to acquire hcv infection where blood may enter the wound of another and copious are unaware of it. many are also below the impression it cannot happen to them or they are not infected because they quality fine.

ever cutyourself on paper money? hcv whether dried or wet can trasmit- even if the blood have been dry (4 days is the longest it can survive without a host).
ever picked your snout? i'm sure you have! if you had any dried blood particle lingering you could transmit the virus if you had scratched the bin liner of your nose.

those are probably a few less worrisome proababilities but given not adjectives of us know for sure how we acquired it, it's possible as hcv has be around for YEAR AND YEARS- first dubbed "non-a non b hepatitis".

do not share things that may have blood on it, ie, razors or toothbrushes, at hand is another higher probability (under household exposure) for hcv.

as always, RESPECT yourself and wear a condom!! There are worse diseases out in attendance, ie, HIV is top, HCV second.

GET TESTED. If your sexual experience happened recently, you involve to test to rule out the infection from that experience as HCV is typically noted as taking an average of 50 days post exposure for the test to be responsive.

over 5 million contained by the United States have hcv infection and half do not know they own it!

Good luck!

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