Razor bumps or HPV??

I have be with my girlfriend for about 1 year and a partly, and we are sexually active, without a condom. I shave my lower nouns and started noticing small wart-like bumps, some right at the hair follicle, and most of them are at the groundwork of my penis. But i started noticing them appearing about an inch or two better on the shaft. My girlfriend was tested and she is clean still to this year. they arent nice to see and scare me a bit. I will get tested but looking for answers to comfort calm me down a bit. can anyone help?

Answer:    It may be HPV (human papillomavirus), it comes surrounded by so many forms there are over 70 strains. Some are flat flesh colored and others can look resembling small moles. They are transmitted via skin to skin contact.
There is currently no FDA-approved test to detect HPV in men. That is because an significant, reliable way to collect a sample of manly genital skin cells, which would allow detection of HPV, has but to be developed. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises men that they don't need to be worried around the lack of an HPV test for them. The agency states that "nearby is no clear health benefit to knowing if men have this virus, since HPV is unlikely to affect their vigour and cannot be treated. For most men, there would be no need to treat HPV, even if treatment be available, since it usually goes away on its own.".
they could possibly be hpv because they are flesh colored and don.t hurt..they could also be just a average part of you and not be anything at all really.can.t really enlighten w/out looking at them.....good move seeing a doc.....it is possible to have hpv which cause warts and never have an outbreak, or to transport the virus for years before any warts pop up..... I enjoy the same thing! Exact same color as skin, and they are so tiny, you really hold to look. I'm a virgin, and I have em, so I would say your locked..
It sounds like herpes 2. its hard to detect in need an outbreak, so your girlfriend may have it too There is no way I am going to diagnosis your bumps...going to a doctor is the singular way to know for sure what these bumps are. HPV warts and lesion can look different...and the pics on the internet are a bit over the top.

Your bumps could be cut-throat rash but if they are HPV then shaving is not recommend. Shaving can spread the virus to skin not already infected.

Most apparent warts of the genital area are due to low risk HPV types 6 or 11.

The FDA approved HPV assessment does not screen for low risk HPV types. It also may take years for the nonstandard cell changes to occur. Most doctors do not do an HPV question paper if the Pap does not see abnormal cell changes and a single Pap may miss impressive cell changes.

Once you build immunity to your HPV check then it does not show in any exam. Our approved HPV test looks for viral load and when the virus is contained by low viral a test will be negative.

You might choose to be in motion to a dermatologist for your diagnosis they are several other disorders that can cause bumps. A dermatologist specializes in disorder of the skin...

I am sure once you obtain a diagnosis from a good health aid provider you will calm down a bit.

I wish you and your girl friend all right..
I think it's pretty unlikely that it's HPV. From what I've heard, HPV "warts" hold a "cauliflower like" texture (meaning they're sort of bumpy and ridgey on top) and they sort of cluster. You do have hair follicles on the lower part of the pack of the shaft of your penis, so it's likely that it's just slightly ingrown hair or hair follicles that are swollen for some reason.

Good move going to the doc, but resembling someone else said, they can't reliably test you for HPV. However, if you go during an outbreak (while the bumps are visible) the doctor should know how to tell you if they are anything to worry in the region of.

Good luck hon!

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