"moderate drinking of coffee is good for type 2 diabetics". is there any scientific truth in this statement?

Answer:    I agree with MamaSmurf. Just a few years ago scientists were clichиж that drinking coffee might actually prevent, or delay, the beginning of type 2 diabetes. Within the last year or two, however, they seem to be motto quite the opposite ... that drinking coffee in actuality increased blood sugar levels.

Knowing this, I've recently be conducting my own experiment with coffee drinking. Although I'm a type 1 diabetic I have notice that drinking coffee does, in fact, increase my blood sugar horizontal, though only marginally.

Almost all of the links I've given support the supposition that coffee drinking may help prevent, or delay, the beginning of type 2 diabetes, but the one after the space below, which is from January 2008, seems to suggest that it makes it worse.

I'm afraid you're going to own to use your own judgement on this one..
Careful reading of the research on caffeine and type-II diabetes tends to show that drinking coffee facilitates dieting surrounded by diabetics because they drink coffee in order to curb their appetite. That is why I drink it. Earlier research suggested that caffeine increased blood pressure, but in a minute research suggests that is not so.
What affects one diabetic does not affect another. Even what a diabetic does for a period of time does not work forever, as contained by type of diet.
The only tried and true measure for diabetics is increased pursuit and decreased eating. From an evolutionary point of picture, human beings are not used to the availability of food some cultures have. We requirement to eat less and exert more physical physical exertion.
I have to admit, I drink closely of coffee or tea without sugar and little lightener in proclaim to prevent eating, because I love to eat. However, drinking coffee does not other prevent me from eating.
My point is, there are too several factors to consider in this complex examine, which is why some studies show it and some studies don't..
geyamala !
Moderate consumption of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes in middle-aged and younger women, according to a new report.

I would not recommend populace to start consuming coffee to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes, but it seems that within general people drinking moderate amounts of paper-filtered coffee don't hold to worry about detrimental strength effects.

Coffee components other than caffeine may improve glucose metabolism .Therefore, studies that attempt to identify these coffee components would be of interest and could front to the development or the selection of coffee types beside greater health benefits.

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I don't think so, and caffeine can actually make happen the blood sugar to rise in some. But if it does not make your blood sugar rise, it is clearly ok to have one or two cups of coffee each morning. Researchers are always going back and forth just about possible benefits of caffeine. First they say it's not harmful, afterwards they change their minds and then they conveyance their minds again there are studies both ways on this!! But there is categorically no scientific proof one way or the other.

One point it is!! it is a liquid!! and we are to drink around 64 ounces of liquid a daytime!! The "specialists" all say this should be dampen! But I think it includes any liquid you drink.

I turn down to give up my 2 or 3 pots of coffee per day for any basis! Mine you can see is not a moderate amount. I cover the flavor of the water with coffee! Maybe you use tea?.
Coffee have very little nutritional value beyond caffine.

Caffine can lend a hand with blood flow and does give you a moment or two boost of oxygen in the morning.

Other than that I doubt it.

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