"5Th's Disease", why did they name it this?

I don't understand why they would signature this disease this way??!!??
Never heard of it until ending week when my daughter caught it.

Answer:    In the early 1900's doctors frequently referred to childhood illnesses by number according to how common the disease be. This was called 5th disease. Later #1 be given the name measles, #2 was call scarlet fever, #3 was rubella, #4 be named chicken pox, but for some reason this disease which is cause by a virus called human parvovirus B19, was never given a entitle, so they still refer to it by 5th disease. Strange but interesting..
First, it's Fifth Disease, and the illness was described surrounded by the 1880s and was named fifth disease because of its position surrounded by the numerical classification of childhood illnesses associated with rashes. Fifth disease is more commonly specified as slap cheek. It is very common among small children.

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