Profuse sweating and wellbutrin?

since i have be on wellbutrin i sweat like crazy. water literally runs from my leader and pores down my face. i can be doing the SIMPLEST task and i start sweating. it is so desperate that i carry a washcloth with me at adjectives times.

the other day i was shopping. by the time i get to the checkout counter sweat was popping and the clerk asked me if i was alright! how embarrasing. i have to tell her that i just capture overheated easily. all i have been doing was standing surrounded by line.

there are sooo several crazy stories like this, but mainly it's getting to be pretty annoying.

i wonder if at hand are any risks involved with sweating this much. btw, i also sweat in my sleep. i own to change night clothes and spread a hip bath towel on my sheet. my sheets and pillow are soaking wet and i am cold.....

is this normal?

Answer:    "Side effects of Wellbutrin may include:
Agitation, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, excessive sweating, headache, nausea, vomiting, skin impetuous, sleep disturbances, tremor..."

This side effect is normal. Although not many attain it, it is definitely caused by the Wellbutrin. A chemical that Wellbutrin help 'balance' in the brain, knowns as norepinephrine, is actually responsible for stimulating sweat glands contained by the body. So it could be plausible that since the medication is messing with a chemical in the brain, the chemical within turn is stimulating and increase of sweat from the glands. It's a side effect. But if it gets worse, let your doctor know. A lot of society quit this medication due to the excessive sweating....
The sweating is a side effect. You may be better off drinking a ton of water through the daytime to lower your internal body temperature. Your sweating to much ,bad side effect. Tell your Dr. to switch Meds..
I suppose it may be common, but you should check with your doctor. As a issue of fact, your doctor should have discussed possible side effects.

In California, where on earth they pack inmates into any nook and cranny they can find, those who are taking medicine like wellbutin, are not sent to the more southern prisons because of the bake. I cannot say for sure that is true, but it is true that prison time replaced mental hospitals.

Good luck to you.

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