[Need-to-know] I accidentally melted a plastic trashcan indoors. Could this have poisoned me with dioxins?

While young (12-14, unsure), I have a momentarily lapse in intellect and indulged a spontaneous brain twinge to begin burning things. I burned several candy wrappers and tissues over a plastic trashcan. After a while of this, a plastic bottle inside caught fire, and the flames suddenly spread and began to melt a substantial portion of the plastic trash can. I stomped the fire out and carried the adjectives trash can outside, where I left it. I next returned to the room of the incident (a 30x30 ft. basement) which by this point smelled of smoke. Unknowing of the dangers of any possible dioxins or fumes, I slept there nonchalantly. In the hours, days, weeks etc. afterwards, I did not experience a skin reckless of any kind or any other adverse symptoms of which I can recall or correlate next to the mishap. Would I have inhaled excessive and even dangerous amounts of dioxins and chlorine from this phenomenon? Would it have been satisfactory to do nervous system / brain damage of any style?

Answer:    Whilst your fears are up to a certain point understandable they are minus any base. A once in a time occurrence like you describe cannot generate sufficient toxic substances to make happen harm. Workers in a PVC plant developed liver cancer after YEARS of exposure. However what does not come across to worry you is the fact that you are bone-thin next to a metabolism out of whack. If on top of that you are feeling forever cold and sleepy (needs more than 8 hours/ night) you should have your thyroid hormones profile done by nuclear radiation. All the best..
I seriously doubt, if after all this time. You enjoy any problems.
If you suffer from any symptoms
I am sorry I looked up dioxin poisoning symptoms and found very little
I did see what thing on the little constituent on google from wilkipedia that says it only take 2-3 days to get symptoms.
But check this link out:
Sorry I could not give support to more..
You write incredibly well for somebody so young, first past its sell-by date. Second off, you do not appear from your message to have decrease brain function. Third, we are exposed to all sorts of toxins on a daily idea...you may have just gotten a better dose for the day. I wouldn't worry. Why are you worrying? in good health if your concerned about toxins and wanna do an herbal execretion. eat alot of cilantro to verbs the toxins out your brain and heavy metal detox for the other organs. take some selenium too push them out the urine 200mcg every other time. if i helped you let me know god bless

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