Is play sand for sand pits not detrimental?

I'm looking for play sand for my daughters sand pit, but I've read so masses upsetting stories more or less deeply of play sand containing termolite (a form of human carcinogenic asbestos) and crystalline silica, both of which can mete out serious lung disease. I know shops wouldn't flog stuff the would plunder our children, but you never know?! I would a bit go and get fluent (ie. stuff that looks resembling it comes from the beach) to some extent than stuff made from quarry quartz. Have you get play sand, if so where on earth did you find it. I live within Scotland.
no i enjoy maintain its not for years and own mentioned it to the authorities but through the years its remained like peas in a pod so I assumed i could be wrong
Try Mothercare!
Hi I a short time ago get my 7 year aged a sandpit for her birthday , bought sand from mother exactness . My thinking be should be risk-free from in attendance rite ?
If you are that concerned, stick beside a globe pit and know for sure your childs condition is not at risk.

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