Is pituitary surgery not dangerous?

Are you having a pituitary adenoma removed? I know it must be a alarming time for you, but I was told that the procedure is usually drastically safe, beside a mortality rate of less than 1%.

As you may know, they use a small compass and go through your sinus cavity. Hospitalization is usually around 2 days.

It is a relatively easy procedure because your pituitary gland sits directly aft your sinus.

Make sure you have a worthy endocrine-neuro surgeon. Ask how many procedures he/she have done, and what his/her success rate is.

Don't be afraid to gain a little aggressive surrounded by your healthcare. It's your body!

Risks of the surgery include damage to the pituitary gland, which may bring over/under secretion of differnt hormones, blood clots, damage to the sinus cavity and/or trunk. And of course, near is always a risk near general anesthesia. Like I said beforehand though, there is a pretty devout success rate near this surgery.

Know that I will keep you surrounded by prayer.
God Bless,
No surgery is safe!
be in motion to webmd...type in pituitary surgery. Any time you are put lower than there is a risk of pneumonia...vitals dropping...blood clots because you are past its sell-by date your feet for a interval of time
Transsphenoidal Surgery For Pituitary Adenomas - A ... What are the risks of the surgery? The most common risk is reduce to rubble to the normal pituitary gland. - 23k - Cached - More from
Before you own any surgery, get at tiniest one more evaluation. Like the other guy said no surgery is absolutely locked. I had a procedure done and afterwards found it it really could've be fatal, first Doctor never said how uncertain it was.
Buyer beware, put together smart choices in your Health, it's your energy!

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