Is pertroleum jelly virtuous for chapped oral cavity?

Ive tried a lot of chops medication for my chapped lips but theyre still getting worst... pls give a hand
Vitamin E oil or a moment ago plain old Olive grease is good. I hold a small bottle with some Olive grease in it at my desk at work. Soft maw!
It may be dehydration and a B-vitamin deficiency. I use A&D emulsion or Vicks, but Vaseline is totally fine.
Yes, petroleum Jelly is good for chapped oral cavity and many other forms of chapped and or dry skin.
yes, its the best on chapped chops
yes it's fine. are you getting enough hose down?
Yeah it's good. They use it surrounded by the dental office when working on general public with chapped mouth. See below for good info on chapped orifice.
Yes it is GOOD. Sometime BEST.
I don't think it would hurt, but if you hold really bad chapped jaws, which I certainly do, why would you use something i.e. in a big tube or bottle, why not attain blistex or chapstick. Actually the best thing I own ever used is expensive, but really worth every penny, it's from a French company called Fresh. I live surrounded by NYC, so they are all over the place, but I cogitate they have a website, and they hold a chapstick called Sugar specifically fantastic. It has worked close to nothing else I own ever tried. Sometimes you have to salary for something good.
Yes it's great!!

i enjoy really dry lips and when i use it - they are great!

you lately have to remember to keep hold of applying it!
Vaseline is by far the best thing for chapped mouth, at least for me. I truly tend to be somewhat allergic to most chapsticks, they make my chapped jaws worse and sometimes make them sting and swell. Vaseline other makes my chapped jaws go away. If you put it on everyday, within the morning, at night, and anytime your chops feel dry, it will give support to prevent any chapping.

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