Is Pepto Bismol and Tums angelic for mild food poisoning?

No, they will have no effect, as food poisoning is cause by bacteria or bacterial toxins.
Kayopectate IS MUCH BETTER!

When traveling Overseas, I bring my own bottle [2]. I drink roughly half and next 6-hours later [ IF NEEDED ] the husband!

Thnaks, RR
Actually if you do have mild food poisoning after you shouldn't take anything that could possibly hold on to you from vomiting or going to the bathroom. You need to bring back all of that out of your system. Try a more raw approach to ease stomach discomfort. Try ginger ale or a clear soda and mint, any in candy or gum form. If you are still getting sick and surrounded by pain after today you might want to step to the hospital to be safe. Hope you touch better.

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