Is peeing 10-12 times per afternoon excessive?

all right...
i hear that if you dance more than 8 times a morning it is excessive.
perchance you should see a doctor because excessive urination is a symptom of elevated blood sugar or diabetes. and it could connote a stunted bladder.
i surmise it isnt
all right. you are suppose to pee every 2-4 hours. so probably approaching 6 times a year is average.
How much juice are you drinking? If you drink the right amount afterwards 10-12 is everyday.
If you drink alot, I be set to ALOT, of liquid, no. Otherwise peeing that much could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or pregnancy, so jump to a doctor.
It depends.

How much do you drink? What sum of urine is self released on respectively time? Do you sweat rather or like mad?

I drink deeply of sea, so I turn frequently. When I drink smaller number, at hand is smaller quantity urine to expel from my body.

Soda, coffee, liquid, tea, foods, etc. adjectives own moisture that once processed, want to be excreted.
No, if you are drinking abundantly of hose down consequently peeing 10 times a daylight is usual. If you are not drinking that much consequently you might enjoy overactive bladder which is a treatable condition. I give you a association to more info...but you might want to achieve a check up and mention this to your doctor.
I would deliberate so
yes dear peeing that frequent times manner you hold bladder problems i suggest cunsult your doctor

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