Is pee fitting for your skin?

my friend (girl) wash her obverse with her pee , she said that its enormously healthy for her obverse, is that true?

The only alive ingredient I could think of within urine that could benefit the skin would be Urea. It encourages rehydration of the skin, which within turn reduces wrinkles and blemishes. However within are other, less "potent", products on the bazaar that will achieve like peas in a pod thing. Ironically ample some of these very products may contain Urea as an alive ingredient.

no i would say not!! what a sick girl she is.
its sterile! so yerrrr but thats a moment ago foooookin weird no offense. can you smell wee wen she get close up? its great for sties(in the eyes) an old wives allegory but i know people who own neverhad them since!
I've heard that, but I don't know if it's true.
ew i dont surmise she should do THAT>... washing ur frontage with cow's pee is hearty but YOUR OWN PEE? no WAY!!
eww, no! there is a object why your body makes urine: it is the WASTE created from digestion, the stuff to be precise NOT GOOD for our bodies.
I have hear that before.i hear infant pee works the best!
I would think not, after adjectives pee is waste. Tell her to lately buy a good facial product. Make sure you don't kiss her facade until she clean it all right because, you'll get pee surrounded by your mouth!
There is a thing call urine therapy, gross yes but profoundly of people do put it on here skin yuck lol

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