Is Parkinsons heritable? Is near a pre-disposition exam that can be taken?

My husband has 3 manly members on his father side of the family who own had this disease (including his father) . We hold only freshly found out so we are trying to find out how much at risk the other family member are.
I am 48 and was diagnosed next to Parkinson's 3 years ago. I can't directly reply to your question as I believe I am the solely person contained by my family to own contracted it - my parents and grandparents died a long time before I be diagnosed. May I suggest that you contact the Parkinsons Disease Society on and I am sure that they will be able to answer your examine. Good Luck.
Ask your doctor. You should have asked him the year he told you the news.
my father have parkinsons and the specialists say they dont know what cause it so i doubt if they would know if its hereditary as they speak they dont know what causes it.worth asking a professional on this event though.
No, it is not hereditary. Like abundant other diseases, Parkinson's disease is likely to be the result of a complex interaction between both genetic and environmental factor.

There are few tests that will be carried out to confirm Parkinson's close to CT scan and MRI scan.

I would suggest you visit a neurologist and hold a discussion with the neurologist who will be the right character to guide you and help you beside your concerns.
Whether Parkinson’s is hereditary is still up for discussion. People next to close relatives who developed the disease at a young age own a slightly higher risk of developing it themselves - a 6% risk compared beside 2% risk for families near no history of Parkinson’s. This suggests that there may be a genetic relation.
My mother was diagnosed next to Parkinsons Disease 14 years ago,and as she has 7 children, one of the first question she asked her Neurologist was something like wether it was heritable, and the answer was No!
"Parkinsons disease is cause by premature ageing of deepseated brain cells surrounded by what is known as the basal ganglia" this is quoted surrounded by a medical encyclopedia

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