Is Parkinsons disease passed down from a dominant or a recessive gene?

Hi, I don't believe anyone know at this point within time. Currently the thought is that in attendance is a genetic component near probably an environmental trigger. Do a scour for Parkinson's here are probably hundreds of obedient sites, try

52 years outmoded, Parkinson's for the ultimate 4
Not sure. I judge it's recessive. I don't dream up it is even necessarily cause by a gene. Only sometimes. I could be wrong though.
Most cases of parkinsons are classified as "sporadic" and go down contained by relations near no own flesh and blood history while give or take a few 15% are genetic. Familial Parkinsonism is adjectives contained by an autosomal recessive cut-out.
Parkinson's Disease is thought to enjoy both environmental and genetic factor (not necessarily inheritable).

There are 13 genetic mutations of those:
PARK 1, 3 and 8 are autosomal dominant
PARK 12 located on X chromosome
PARK 2 autosomal recessive

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