Is Paris Hiltons "rash" a through Herpes flare up, or is it really Stage 2 Syphillis?

I hear she have scabies really desperate too.

She also picks her bum and smells her fingers.

I guess ya lately can't buy class, huh?
shes already within stage three next to the syphilis
I'd read aloud Herpes.

She is a bit more deserving of that.
I can designation that disease surrounded by three scratch.
it could be herpa-shypha-gohna-aids
It's both. You know she have gonorrhea too? Thats why she's totally undamaging surrounded by prison - everyone's too startled to try it on next to her because they're worried it might if truth be told slay them from the genitals up.
Who know what's wrong beside that money grubbing, non-skilled skank!

Honesty Babs, that rubbish of flesh woman is not even worthy to lick the sweet dingle-berries bad of your lucious @$$!

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