Is Paris Hiltons herpes outbreak a menace to those other poor sweet girls contained by send down.?

<giggle> Sure, I'm convinced that adjectives the other girls are surrounded by great mental and physical health--and that Paris, and Paris simply, have an infectious STD. he,he,he,he,he,he.
Cool avatar!
I don't dream up the other inmates would mind sharing... them's some startling b!tches!
I must read aloud you are on the orb!
I believe those other girls are sheltered. Paris be alone surrounded by her own cell for simply 3 days. No have need of for them to lose sleep over this issue plaguing them -
i hope they dont circulate those pant and underwear to others, they obligation to afford the laundry to poor mum to do some laundry and stay busy for forty five days.
lololololololololololololololo... u r a moment ago funny! why the heck be she crying so discouraging when they took her fund to the big house
I be thinking like article, lol!
What she requests to do is find a "bull" (a homosexual woman beside valid manliness) to guide her through that awful ordeal. Someone to protect her from that anticipate ole' intercede and sheriff deputies. She's only a child afterall.

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