Is Oral Thrush contagious?

from kissing mouth-to-mouth?

Oral thrush (oral candidiasis) is caused by a fungus call candida that causes an infection contained by the mouth. It is not a type of infection that can be passed on to others.
Everybody has some thrush contained by their mouths, even babies.
It is also possible to get thrush within other parts of the body, such as the vagina, nappy area or pin folds.
Oral thrush most commonly affects people who wear dentures. People who own difficulties keeping their mouth clean, general public with diabetes and those who filch steroids are also at a higher risk of developing the condition.
Some antibiotics may impose thrush and many those find that taking certain antibiotics encourage the infection to recur, especially if taken over a long period of time.
A dry mouth cause by certain drugs or after chemotherapy or radiotherapy to the guide and neck may also head to thrush.
Very rarely, oral thrush may be one of the precipitate signs of HIV.
no my daughter ha dit go to the docter they will confer you an oral medice you take it for 10 days and it clears it right up devout as new smells resembling strawberrys
This is a rare condition contained by an adult unless the immume system have been compromised by AIDs or steroid dream therapy. A normal full-size probably would not contract it.

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