Is one of the side effect of gastric by-pass surgery?

pneumonia. i'm 5 days post-ops after surgery i had astham, frenzy and pneumonia, i feel close to crap, is this some of the side effects and will i start to feeling better.

After any surgery, it's historic to move as much as possible and breathe deeply/cough to avoid pneumonia.
After I had the surgery, they give me a little device I have to breathe into and make the little globe rise as much as I could. They said it was particularly very crucial to breathe as deeply as possible after the surgery to prevent pneumonia. If you're running a restlessness after surgery, call the doc's department or the ER, that's NOT normal! If you have laparoscopic surgery, it's common to surface some sharp pain contained by the shoulders and upper chest following the surgery for the first couple days, but this is separate from being competent to breathe deeply, or not breathing severely to clean the stale nouns and expiring any potential "bugs" that may have gotten stuck within during/after the surgery. If you're couging and having breathing problems, you should unquestionably call your doc. I've be through the surgery (Roux-N-Y) and a few other abdominal surgeries, and after the RnY, they were unbelievably adamant that you needed to try to breathe richly as soon as possible after waking up.
pneumonia is immensely common after any surgery. Especially abdominal surgery! It is extraordinarily important to try to take out of bed and do deep breathing exercises, even though it might hurt your stomach. You obligation to try to move around as much as possible. Sit up in a bench when you can. Take deep breaths surrounded by and out to try to exercise your lungs. You should start to feel better soon. Gastric by- overrun is major surgery. I hope you are idea better soon!

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