Is here such a item as a smiling disorder?

i smile a lot, as within a lot profoundly. i cant stop smiling and even when im in tears im smiling or when im silly or yelling i smile. i other smile and people consideration that. they ask me why i smile a lot and i dont know what to influence. i looked up smiling disorders and what i found was an article entitled, "Specific Impairment of Smiling Increases the Severity of Depressive
Symptoms surrounded by Patients with Facial Neuromuscular Disorders" and i read some of it but stopped produce i dont really know whether people are born near facil neuromuscular disorders or if they develope it or what. i'm not up to researching more about it so i figure i'd ask here. is there such a entry as a smiling siorder where the entity smiles uncontrolably?
I know lol, I smile alot as well and I don't even resembling too. Some say it's a afraid tick, but it could also be a mental disturbance. Im hoping not though. I also have a friend who smiles alot alot! Smiling is okay though.
If it is a disorder i own the same entity cuz i constantly smile and i cant help it

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