Is in attendance something that can be done for nerves that force someone to use the bathroom (#2) excitedly?

Yes. Sometimes that can be call Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And that can be brought on by stressful situations. Anti-Depressants are commonly prescribed for irritable bowel syndrome, believe it or not. See your doctor.
I have a foster child once that did this the largest article be a bathroom diary he have to sit on the toilet the first 15min. of every wake hour until he get control of his bowels and after he could produce it smaller quantity. another point is to not catch constipated especially contained by a mannish for some purpose the anal waterway doesn't close adjectives the track when a masculine is constipated and it make him hold smaller quantity control and make escape more of a problem
You might enjoy IBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome). I suffered unspeakably from it a few years ago. I found that taking Klonipin (anti-anxiety med) worked the best. I grain for you, I'm other worried it will come subsidise. I lost an amazing amount of cargo, but it wasn't worth the dull pain, etc...

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