Is in that hope for us excess sweaters? And does Certain Dri Work?

For about 2 years I've have to deal next to huge rings around my armpits and being paranoid if it wasn't lately me that was competent to see them, or worse smell them. I know I have a problem because
I could just be tying my laces and I'm dripping already back the day begin. I've heard those talking roughly a product called Certain Dri but I'm losing religious conviction in deodorants, Does it work Y/N ?

absolute dri does work, i used to use it. my boyfriend is also a heavy sweater and also uses it. it can make happen slight discomfort, however, maybe for a time itching, but it's tolerable. definitely don't shave and next use it. just shower and later right before bed put it on. i reflect it even says you don't hold to use it everyday. it really works great, except for the slight itching that you may or may not get.
also, some stores hold on to it with other deodorants but some hold it behind the counter surrounded by the pharmacy. so if you don't see it, ask for it. only costs roughly speaking 4$ or 5$.
i don't know about faultless...sorry...but you should try mitchum (unscented), it works really well
I work at a derm department, and there are other treatments, including injections, that can really lend a hand with this problem. Also, they sometimes prescribe a product call Drysol, you can find out more about it on the internet. Maybe your doctor can write out a writing for you to try.

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