How does an std start?

i've been pondering this for a long time and can't infer of anything that really makes sense other than it person transmitted at birth like HIV can. How do they start? can you get one from have sex with somone who does not have one (i'd imagine not but is it possible?) and other than condoms are there any other methods that would prevent them?

Answer:    How do they start? You penny-pinching how do you contract at STD? get them from someone else who has them and thru sexual contact.

If you scrounging how did the first person with an STD contract it, okay that's a 'chicken and egg' kinda how did the first person who ever have Syphilis contract it.

Yes, condoms are a protective measure, the only one really bar abstinence, or making sure that both partners are clear of stds....but within are many of them out there so that's greatly of testing!.
i heard it started surrounded by africa when someone wanged a monkey...? there's stories to back the theory up but its too much.

i dont chew over u can get it if u have sex near someone who doesn't have it... it's impossible

other than condoms... dont hold sex. go get checked for hiv wih ur partner since u do anything with them...thats the best advice i could bestow u.
i heard it came from monkeys

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