How do you know if one of your lungs has collapsed?

My friend thinks hers did. So how do you know?!

Answer:    Symptoms of a pneumothorax (Collapsed Lung) include chest niggle that usually has a sudden onset. The cramp is sharp and may lead to feelings of tightness within the chest. Shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, cough, and fatigue are other symptoms of pneumothorax. The skin may develop a bluish color (termed cyanosis) due to decrease in blood oxygen levels..
drastically sharp stabbing pain, its debilitating. it will be greatly hard to breathe, happened to my best friend twice

some of these citizens have no clue, my friend was still chitchat on the way to the hospital..
You'd be dying. My husband was born next to one and they had to do emergency surgery as soon as he was born. If she's have trouble breathing, she needs to go to the doctor to obtain a chest X-ray. It could be pneumonia or something. if she has extremem trouble breathing....the only your lung can collapse is if it get punctured by a knife, bullet, or anything sharp she probably has bronchitis or something if she really think this she should go to the doctors.
maybe it's the excruciating distress, or perhaps the inability to breathe. Either way, if your friend is chitchat to you, that's not what happened and she's fine. haha you'd know trust me it would
1) hurt like hell (i tight hurt like give me morphine in a minute hurt)
2) you'd barely be able to breath

if she have some kind of pain or something she should of late schedule a normal appointment.
if one of your lungs own collapsed you would know if you were on the emergency table or looking at something before you stop breathing intense aching, blacking out, weazing. Believe me if she thinks she has a collapsed lung she should hold gone to the hospital right away..
can she breathe...if not her lung may have collapsed. If she can it didn't. However, if she's have trouble she may have pneumonia. She'd be practically dying if not already passed out. A collapsed lung is no quip.. can't breath.....and you pass out. it might be punctured...but i doubt it's collasped. uh it's not. she would not have been able to ask you that interview had it been..
she probably have heartburn... If you are wheezing and almost dead..
believe she would know. ur friend shoould call a doctor right away and not ask individuals on the internet !.
she wouldnt have long to live you see a doctor

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