?How do people drive without the ability to use their legs?

I was watching Oprah's Big Give where on earth the women in the wheelchair was driving...I be in a car wreck which vanished me with 2 broken legs (actually smashed from the shin down.) I will probably be in a wheelchair for the subsequent year, so I would like to be more independent.

Answer:    The cars have the buttons on the steering gearstick. I had a teacher surrounded by high school that be paralyze from the waist down. He had a little honda concurrence that had buttons on the wheel, kinda cool in reality..
You'd have to buy a special made car next to the acceleration and brake controls accessible with your hands

I assume it'd be expensive and not worth doing for a year. Sorry about your legs, my dad shattered both his when I was really young-looking and he was in a wheelchair for nearly that long. He fell out of a tree >_>.
The gas pedal and brake are on the steering pedals. Unless your legs are permanently damaged, you are stuck person a passenger until you are healed. HI there, you'd stipulation a specially equipped vehicle with hand controls..
they own the gas and brake pedals on the wheel like peddle shifters merely if its a auto though I'm not sure about a Manuel They put s gas controll lever on the steering wheel

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