>>people out there who have recovered from an eating disorder...??

how did you go around recovery?
i used to be anorexic,
snapped out of my depression after a veryyyyy long time somehow and suddenly realized i be too thin and felt approaching i was going to die when i would lay in bed at dark
i recovered myself

do you think you would ever go hindmost?

Answer:    I was anorexic too (age 15) and also recovered myself. My story sounds similar to yours. When I realized that my pant were starting to fall down rotten me no matter how I cinched my belt, that I was freezing cold adjectives the time, that my period had stopped.... I realize the damage I was doing and it startled me.

For me, becoming anorexic had a lot to do near what was going on in my personal and house life. Once things felt more underneath control, I felt better about myself... I even have a great boyfriend within a year of recovery.

I never have a relapse of anorexia, or anything close to it. When it was over, I actually have a really strange feeling of superiority -- 1) I had overcome anorexia and 2) I have been able to screen it from my family (I was a milder satchel, but still truly anorexic, to the tune of 600 calories per day!). I was glad that my mom never figure it out, b/c she would have blamed herself..
it's been a series of phases for me. within jr.high i was a lacto-vegetarian, then i used to make myself purge my food by drinking partly a glass of oil, contained by high school i started sports so i would consume huge amounts of carbs with some protein, now i am into immensity training so i eat mainly protein shakes, milieu carbs, low fat, low sugars, i went a correct 3 months with out eating chocolate but that be a mistake now i have chocolate attacks and if I'm at the store i don't even check the price of chocolate, even if its a $40.00 box of Godiva. i hold always taken lots & lots of supplements for the last 20 years, stuff similar to spirulina, red algae, green algae, multivitamin, royal jelly, vitamin e, vitamin c, calcium just about anything i can afford, oh, i importantly recomend L-glutamine, it helps to maintain muscle and help with the immune system.-blurey Hmm well I took recovered on my own because I required to have a baby...and unsurprisingly I couldn't.. because... I haven't at that time had a period surrounded by 2 years. I gained all my weightiness back. But I am actually relapsing pretty concrete right now. Lost about 35 pounds since I gain ( which I still have a lot more to walk ...to be as bad as I was) and I am extremely unhappy. So yes.. it can come spinal column. But it never really left for me.. it was other in the back of my mind. I disgust it.. I want to kill it. Maybe you should see a therapist so you won't relapse. I am glad you are better :).
i be bulimic when i was 15. had a troubled childhood i believe it rooted from that. didnt support much about anything. look for comfort in food n when i notice i was gaining cargo i decided id puke it up. i did this for almost a year. til i met my lofty school sweetheart. he made me happy and thats what made me stop. he never know. it was just something that snapped contained by my head.

its a horrible cycle. i wouldnt go spinal column to it. good to be on the other side eh..
no, i never had a ingestion disorder, but one friend did. well, she wasn't a friend (really), but she had to be hospitalized because of it, and afterwards she went to therapy, and presently she's fine, but i don't know where she went after high-ranking school... My best friend use to throw up after every meal. She hasnt contained by a long while but once she had a bad afternoon and was back at it again. I come up with you never recover 100%, you just scuffle going back to what you were so use to doing. Good luck

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