How to control fatty skin for the entire morning?

I have products that control oil temporarily. I was wondering (and hoping) if here are any products that control oil on the skin for the entire day, if not at smallest part of the day. I have dermadoctor bait zone oil control gel and it works wonderfully for a couple hours, but then my skin feels slippery again. Is there anything (gels, creams, masks, makeup) that controls oil for more than a couple hours??
Powder basis are definately the way to go for keeping oil at inlet for more than just a couple of hours. I've also tried the Dermadoctor Tease Zone and it did the same thing - feel great for a little while, then my face be an oil-slick again! Since I have exceptionally oily skin and have gotten tired of using those silly oil-blotting papers adjectives day long, here is the regimine I now use. This keeps me grease free for a wonderful 4-6 hours. And then, even when oil does start to break through, it's not very much.
First, dry-clean your face with a good scrub containing Salicylic Acid. I resembling Acne Free 24/7 Foaming Wash, found in drug stores for about 7 bucks. If you need to exfoliate, use an exfoliating body glove - also found at drugstores for roughly 3 bucks. Dry your face and allow it to air dry for a minute or so before applying an grease absorbing powder. I use an excellent one with a Kaolin Clay base called "Mattify!" This works as a primer to use previously foundation and a makeup setting powder to use after foundation. Alternately, it can be used by itself to absorb oil if you don't wear foundaiton. I got this one on Ebay for nearly 8 bucks - just type "Mattify" into the search. I've never found any product that even comes close to keeping my skin matte as long as this one does. For even more oil absorbing power - after you've finished applying adjectives of your makeup, use a makeup setting spray such as Model In A Bottle. This helps cosmetics like eyeliner, foundation & blush stay put on oily skin adjectives day long. Two things I would definately avoid are silicone based primers, such as Smashbox and Mineral Makeup such as Bare Escentuals. Often these are suggested for oily skin, but they do nought except cause more oil and breakouts. Hope these tips help you out! Source(s): - type "Mattify" into the look into - to buy Model In A Bottle Setting Spray
use a powder face base it will keep your grease down and its look better. also theres clean and clear that comes in a little tube i put it on my antenna and it works

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