Who would you believe Urologist or radiologist?

I had a CT scan today to see if a 3mm kidney stone had passed.( I have have 22 in 2 years) The urologist said he read the CT and saw nothing but was still waiting on the radiologist to read it but that he have read thousand of CT scans and "hasn't missed one yet" well my brother who is an er doc just pulled up the report and the radiologist said "3 mm stone contained by right ureter with moderate blockage" so who to believe? Should I call him and tell him my brother read me the report or lurk and see? I'm afraid it will just go into my file.
The answer is Radiologist, they looks a lots of CT print and their eyes are more sensitive to get the defect. The computer screen for looking statue which Radiologist use is bigger and more clear than other and they can manipulate to enlarge or change the brightness to get the correct diagnose. If you own previous CT image Radiologist can compare the images with the present one on their blind and find out the any changes or not.
The radiologist. Because my big brother is a radiologist and he is good at what he does.

I was volunteering at the hospital he works at because of arts school volunteers at high school, and I meet a long-suffering with the same problem your going through. Radiologist definitely. The lenient got everything that they needed and no complaints. :)

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