Pain beneath my right rib hold and tummy?

lately I have been having severe anguish under my right rib cage and my middle abdomen, similar to where heartburn usually is. I just got out of the hospital, they did an ultra nouns, blood work, an infraction injection on my gallbladder, and all came back simply fine. This pain is enough to drop me to my knees, and have me surrounded by the feetle position on the floor. It hurts to move, sit, lay down, eat, walk just give or take a few everything. Its not a constant pain, and has only happen twice in a 3 month span. I have went straight to the er both times and they basically send me home full of morphine. Are they missing something? Or should i really be pushing the issue to try and find something that could be wrong with me?
This may not be what is wrong, but this happened to me: I started experiencing affliction under my ribcage and in my middle abdomen, lately as you described. I went to my doctor and surprisingly, she diagnosed lumbar radiculitis due to degenerative disc disease.

Lumbar radiculitis is an umbrella term for a painful condition occuring along the root of any of the nerves extending from the lower (also prearranged as lumbar) region of the spine. The pain may result from the lumbar nerve being any pinched, inflammed, irritated, or not working properly because of a lack of proper blood supply. While the symptoms experienced by each individual may swing widely depending on which nerves are affected, unrelenting pain is a common denominator within all lumbar radiculitis cases.

In my case, the nerve end affected was in the abdominal nouns. I do not rememver any fever with the pain, but I may enjoy had it; in any case, hallucination may have been induced by the level of spasm, which was very severe.

I hope this is helpful. God Bless and I hope you find out what's wrong. Source(s): My own experience.

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