I own dull skin above my upper lip, looks close to i hold a mustache. can anyone back me next to this problem?

i went to the dermatoligest today and she gave me tri-luma, but i heard that this style of stuff does not work, my friends and family are all picture crazy, and my mustache shows up in adjectives the pictures, im getting married in a few months and i dont want a mustache in my wedding photo's. it's not curls but the skin it's self. my doctor told me to limit my sun time, and wear spf's all day and reapply every few hours. is near anything else i can do to get rid of this porblem? Please help
There is a skin toning cream called Nadinola that lightens the skin...I use it every day
Despite the fact that you say within is no hair causing this problem, pluck it all out anyway. Do not shave it. Let me repeat that. Do not shave it. It may bring you a long time, but pulling the hairs out will help decrease the problem. Then, use the medication everyday lately as it was prescribed. Don't miss a day. Go to the store and get some Loreal Lip plumper stuff. It's just about $18. Source(s): That's what I did and it worked.
bleach your skin with skin bleach
Are you taking the Pill? I had the exact same problem when I was taking the pill as it was cause pigmentation. If you are on the pill you may need to try a different type. I felt terrible beside my mustache skin that I went off the pill completely and within a few months the pigmentation go away.
I suppose you could only just find a good shade of foundation that will cover it up. that works at least as a temporary solution.
Just obtain it waxed or lazer'd off!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPJAP9ximUk Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPJAP9ximUk
use makeup to cover it up
do what the doctor said and use what she gave you ,if it doesn't work cover another resort may be laser treatment as for pictures airbrush it .
Listen to the doctor.

Stop asking for unprofessional advice on YA.

If you are unsatisfied next to the dermatologist's treatment, seek another doctor.
bleach it out... use the stuff that bleaches facial spine.. for a more natural method cut a lemon in half and hold it on your skin as long as you can stand it
take a page outta MJs book, yes MJ the king of pop, and bleach ur skin, of late ur upper lip though. mmmkay? Source(s): just eat it, his penis.
Try rubbing a lemon on it. Cut it contained by half first, lemon acts as a natural skin bleacher. Hope I help.
Oh god!
The same thing happened to me all of concluding year, it looked soo bad!!
I asked like 3 questions concerning it on yahoo answers and the with the sole purpose answers that I got were ones suggesting the use of make up, for me, what get rid of it was exfoliating [[make a mask using sugar and honey]] I left lemon on my "stash" for more or less 5 minutes and then rinsed off [[lemon is a natural skin toner]], and I started using a moisturizer beside SPF 15, I think that the moisturizer really helped BIG TIME, and best of luck with the nuptials =]
Are you on any meds? I know some meds can cause strange stuff like teeth and skin discoloration.
try like cover up or put together up.
milk mustache
Can't you cover it up with makeup for the wedding? I would do what the doctor says, and I don`t know try exfoliating regularly as well, maybe it's just the top layer that are darker, and if you exfoliate it might help. good luck.
have you tried foundation?
go to the doctore
help me with mine guy's !
maybe you should just clean that area more often

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