My son only just have cleft palate repair done and i required to know how long until i can put him on a sippy cup?

My son just had surgery about 2 weeks ago but I didn't seize that much time to talk to the doctor because the baby woke up crying so everything was rushed. I be just curious how long did you wait until you put them on the sippy cup. I have call up there and I have heard several diff. answers and they wont allow me to speak to the Dr. himself.
Are you seeing a cleft squad? We usually talk to the nurse..(I'm happy with our nurse..She have 2 cleft kiddos of her own!) We had to wait 6-8 weeks before a sippy cup be used..And actually, we had to take the stopper out or cut the spout so our daughter wouldn't suck..They didn't want the site to undo..It needed to be totally healed before anything went into her mouth..Each doc and troop is different..If you are using a cleft team, just give his nurse a nickname..They should be able to answer the question for you..
If your DR won't call you wager on, drop him like a bad habit. Any Doc who doesn't follow up isn't worth the serious newspaper his diploma is printed on. You should have had a follow up visit by very soon anyway. If not, then the surgeon is neglectful. Call and insist on the information and get a follow up call on. NOW! Source(s): RN

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