10 points! diabetes examine!?

what happens if a person that isn't diabetic and they still take insulin? resembling if they were misdiagnosed? what happens? does this mess the person's system up or could it give them a doomed to failure reaction?
yeahh ur body produces the correct amount of insulin that you need byy giving yourself exxtraa for some reason ..... yeah it's really bad for youu! =)
Well, if you woke up the following day, I suppose you're gonna be alright. However, people have kill themselves with overdoses of insulin. I'd say that's a bad aversion, wouldn't you? If you're not diabetic, why would you be taking insulin? STOP! Godloveya. Source(s): retired cranky nurse
A bad reaction could crop up if too much insulin is taken. The blood sugar would drop low and the person could experience mild to sever hypoglycemia which is low blood sugar, depending on how much insulin was injected. To counter a mile hypo, a simple snack like cookies, liquid, soda, or fruit will raise the blood sugar.
However if a lot of insulin is taken, it can be potentially extremely dangerous and exact loss of consciousness, in which case you need medical attention.

It would whip long term use of insulin to have any physiological interaction with your pancreas' instinctive functions.

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