Doxycycline for acne- will near be a bounce back affect?

Background information:

I've been on doxycycline for around 9 months, and used to be on tetracycline for around a year to control my facial redness(Rosacea-ish) and acne.

My dosage is 100mg a day.

My derm said that I could try getting off doxycyline since she reckon my acne was more or less under control (this I didn't totally agree next to her. I still get breakouts. It was just by coincidence that the sunshine I was at the derm my face was pretty clear.)

I'd be if truth be told glad to be taken off doxycyline, because it's an understatement that antibiotics definitely is no long term solution but I'm worried in the region of the rebound effect though.

Main Questions:

Is a rebound effect a 100% going to occur?

Did anyone not suffer from the spring up effect (meaning a worsening of acne) before, honestly?

And if there is a rebound effect indeed, how long would it later? Will it just breakout and go back to usual in weeks/months or progressively get worse?

And I felt that though I'm on doxycycline, I still do enjoy acne/pimples though it's supposed to curb it. Could it be that I'm already 'immune' to it and so stopping it would not make much difference?

Could someone offer me some sound guidance through experience or expertise?
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