Does parkinsons disease affect speech ?

Yes. Full details below:

Parkinson's disease often affects the patient’s ability to speak clearly and this is often considered one of its worse symptoms. For various patients, the loss of their ability to communicate clearly to others is heartbreaking. For these patients, they have the added problem of feeling as if they hold some sort of dementia. It is important to remember that a Parkinson’s patient can hear himself just fine.

It have been estimated that between 65-90% of Parkinson's disease sufferers will ultimately have troubles with their speech, and these problems can become adjectives in explicit ways which include speaking in either a monotone or inarticulate gibberish. At times, patients hesitate before actually speaking which can endow with the impression that there is some memory impairment or dementia with the merciful. At other times, the speech is faster than normal, and very often alike words are repeated over and over. Again, this can give the impression that the patient is suffering from dementia or memory impairment problems.

Dysarthria is another speech problem associated beside Parkinson's disease. This speech problem shows itself in ways such as a weak, soft spoken, slow or incoherent speech. As both the pitch and volume of speech is also affected by dysarthria, eventually speech become unintelligible.

Dysarthria is caused by the speech muscles weakening and becoming uncoordinated due to the Parkinson's condition. Severity can ebb and flow from one patient to the next. In fact, some patients may enjoy this in very severe form, while others may only enjoy slight effects from it.

Speech therapy can often help next to this problem for some patients. If speech therapy is carefully introduced in conjunction beside medication extremely good results can often be achieved.

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