Hi. i am not diabetic but it does run on my mother's side?

so i got tested in june and it was 91. is this well-mannered or bad? ive read that in studies it shows that above 90 one could get diabetes surrounded by the future. i am having frequent urination. im not sure if im being paranoid but could my blood work silver drastically from june till now.(august)
it could have changed..lately tell ur mom and ask her....
hi , diabetes is a condition which may skip a social group. I myself may not not know the full implications of it , however i can give an example. I have a friend who's grandfather be diabetic , my friends mother on the other hand has not got it , but my friend have. Might be a pointless anecdote , but maybe it might help
It could but it is unlikely....

It sounds more like you are paranoid and your body is reacting to the paranoia...

If you are concerned, try modifying your diet to the one your mother should be following and speak beside your doctor next time you get the chance.

You are surrounded by no immediate danger. Good luck Source(s): life w/ a diabetic mother

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