Can someone please give a hand? Skin irriation or something else):?

think i over exfoliated, and now my skin has rash all over and it itches so bad, can this go away? did i tattered my skin? what can i use to make this rash and itching go away?
thanx 4 ur time
P.S. i own no insurance at the moment so i can't see a dermatologist and the clinic wouldnt take me
Use intensive moisturizing lotions. Or some anti itch stuff if it itches really bad.

Yeah when you exfoliate you are basically ripping sour your skin. You should be only ripping off the VERY thin unconscious layer on top. But yeah if you over do it, I guess you rip off more and that's bad! Because that skin is still living. Which explains the spasm.

It should go away. But remember if you have sensitive skin, DONT exfoliate.

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