Hello, I am a 44 year feminine that have be finally diagnosed beside RA. For years I own be suffering?

It takes me two days to clean my house and let me detail you it wipes me out. I have to be in bed the subsequent day. I want to stay active but I to pay a pouring price the next. Some days I have a temperature depending on how much distraction I do. Anyway, my question is what kind of exercise can I do without overwhelming myself? Please back the pounds are adding on!
I have Anklosing Spondylitis. It took 10 years to diagnose.

I have really be concentrating on what helps and it's the pool.

I hate to get cold because it hurts, but I use the hot tub and steam room first, I do a walking put a bet on and forth as exercise (forwards, sideways, backwards, cross country ski, etc.) and then I finish off in the steam room and hot tub.

I stretch surrounded by the heat. I find that it's far easier to stretch in the heat. My cramp has lessened due to the stretching. If I stop for a few weeks the pain seeps final in.

I eat 6-8 mini meals respectively day and 4Tblsp Yogurt for 4-6 of the meals.

I drink the required amount of water for my counterbalance. I followed the weight loss lifestyle of a teenager who want to lose weight. Source(s): http://ziggiesyahooanswers.blogspot.com/
Go to WebMD, it is a great place to win support and answers to your specific questions for your RA.

Good Luck!

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