*** approaching discharge from penis what is it?

2 days after we had intercourse my man told me that he had woken up the day after and his penis feel a little soar which he thought to be because of the long night before. he explained to me that that have usually happened to him in the past, but tht when he go to use the bathroom after he was done urinating he saw what he thought was *** dripping out. he stated that it was not a promptly drip nd that it did not occur everytime he used the bathroom just a tiny bit that sometimes came out when he urinated. i be just recently tested for chlamydia nd gonnerhea and didnt have any of them. he is the only boyfriend that ive ever had unprotected sex with. he have never complained of thhis happening before when weve had unprotected sex basically this one time. i dont kno what it could be or what to do. i though maybe it could be because i just got my tongue pierced and have oral sex right away after getting it done buts its been a week or more since then. What could it be?
He might have a yeast infection.
ask him if there is irritation, or burning.. it could just be some kind of infection.. but he should move about get tested as well just for *extra* guarantee in that area. annnd yeaa having your tongue done """could""" perchance possibly be a cause for it... but if it doesn't stop soon i would say hello Doctorr
in that was some *** dripping out? what the f**k is ***?
The most likely explanation is Chlamydia or Gonorrhea . You say you were checked. Was he?

Dosn't sould close to anything YOU have done.

He needs to go and bring back checked. (and you likely need to again as well)
Is he cheating on you? Did he catch something. .
I regard as it would be best for you to get tested now again, because if he has picked something up after you will now have it too.
He could just enjoy thrush.
did he draw from tested for std's too?

sounds like he has something and you're going to catch it.
I didn't quite deduce from your question what was dripping out, but.. You may have be tested for STDs recently, but was he? It's always a well-mannered idea to insist that your partner be tested as well before have unprotected sex. Is it possible he has a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection?

It could also just be something normal that he only just didn't notice before. A doctor is always a upright choice just to check up on things to see if it is normal or not - trust me, they've seen and hear everything so you shouldn't feel embarrassed by a question in the order of that.
Wait what came out?

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