Could this be anything OTHER than an allergy?

Okay well...a while ago I was chewing a brand of gum I'd never had since and my throat felt like someone was squeezing it, I started coughing, and my heart be pounding. I spit it out and I felt much better immediately...within a couple of minutes I be back to normal. I already asked about this here and I be told this was indeed an allergy and it was mild anaphylaxis which can be severe if I'm exposed to the allergen again. I told my mom this and she told me I was self dramatic. I'm like 90% sure I'm still going to talk to my doctor about it, despite what my mom say...but I just wanted to know is there anything else this could be? I'm alarmed I'm going to go to the doctor and they're going to tell me I'm being dramatic or they won't believe me or I merely want to know if there's anything else this could be? and should I REALLY go to the doctor? thanks.
Hmmm....I'd talk to your doctor. Similar things hold happened to me, but I've also suffered from anaphylaxis...and it went beyond that....abdominal pain, wheezing, and so on. The more similar things that enjoy happened to me are like what you said, it goes away almost right away. It's commonly if I'm near dust or something like that. Be prepared to get stuck near needles though for allergy testing. Take the gum with you. The doctor will be more capable of a diagnosis. What type of gum be it?
go 2 da doctor

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