What is a angelic and hasty agency to acquire rid of herald lice?

My sister has had head lice for going on for 8 months! We get rid of them and then they come back again and again and again! we hold tried many products and suggestions from sites but nothing really seems to work! they come rear a few weeks later! Please list ideas of products and sites that might give support to. THANKS!
The best and most effective way to seize rid of lice is by dialy combing through their hair with the special lice comb. By doing that you are getting the lice out and the eggs attached to the hair. Make sure you fine-tuning her sheets daily and any kind of hats or anything stamp in a plastic bag for a few weeks and the lice will soffacate in it. I've used lice md and I reason that works pretty well. Hope this helps Source(s): 3 times of personal experiance!
So, wash adjectives your combs, and wash all your pillow, and blankets. Also put them in the dryer. All things approaching hats and unwashed clothing needs to be washed also. Then, budge to a pharmacy store and get head lice removal wash. Put on gloves, follow the instructions on the box. Then after your done, at hand should be a very fine comb in the lice removal kit. That comb is to shut in any eggs that might be sticking to the head. Comb through the head very in good health. Also, you have to leave the wash within a for a while, it will say how long exactly on the box. Then if desired repeat this process. Then a week later, use the fine comb again and see if there is still lice, or if the child's organizer is still itching. If so, do the same process next week. Then the week after that. It might come back (if any eggs remain). Keep on doing this every week for something like a month. Then it should be gone for sure. IF you want, you can do it every 2 weeks for a month to save money. Because per time a bottle of that wash is about 15 dollars.

Also inform your children, to not share combs, hats, things to touch the head with any one. If you discover lice on any of your children, use the clean as soon as possible, so the lice doesn't get to reproduce too much. Also, if she has very long spike, best to cut it shorter, maybe around shoulder length. Source(s): -experience.
Shave your heads
this may be expensive but lice usually hide contained by carpet so cover ur couches and furniture in plastic shave ur head trust me that works best and stay inside till ur quill grows back :) but seriously do this and lice wont be able to stand u

shall u partake
head lice are getting resistant to pesticides, believe it or not mayonnaise under a shower cap over hours of darkness will kill them. the nits will have to be combed out daily for a month to bring back rid of them all. tea-tree oil can be purchased at any pharmacy or most cosmetic counters mix with detaingling spray and that will discourage them from migrating to her director again. Source(s): my six year old daughter brings them home from school constantly
Heat is a good track. Goto the sauna for at least 15 minutes daily, do this for a week. Lice and their eggs will die at 130F and above. Wash her belongings at high heat.
the lice treatment they sell at walmart works pretty righteous, but she needs to stay away from people that carry them and hose her head with that shampoo at least once a week until no more signs of lice are perceptible. then wash once a month for prevention
did you nouns out her pilloe blankets, and all that stuff

do that, theyll go away for sure
pour acid on her head lol just kid...you usually get lice from washing your hair too much sooooooo
shave it adjectives off

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