Black gunk coming out of my ear piercing?

hi i got my piercings a while back and they closed
so i decided to re pierce them again next to a needle by myself
and now there is black/green gunk coming out of it
not oozing but they're on my earrings
this have been going on for a while a couple of months but now i just settled to see whats going on with my ears
If it's been going for a couple months very soon then I would remove the piercing and consult a doctor. The piercing should healed by now and judge by the "gunk" I'm guessing it's infected somehow. Either you didn't clean the needle well ample or whatever. Still, you're best option is to remove it, see a doctor, let it restore to health and get it pierced again professionally and safely.
my first suggestion is to see a doctor... maybe it is infected or something??

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