This cross-question is nearly a HIV soul?

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Hey I Was Wondering Can A Person Have H.I.V And Some How Not Affect The Other Person? Reason Y I Ask N It May Sound Stupid But I Have A Best Friend That Her Husband Told Her That He Has HIV And She Wasn't Aware Of It Cuz Some One In The Family Told Recently To Her... SAD I Know... They Been Together For 6y Now And She Was Never Aware.... I Went With Her Last Year N 3 Months Ago With Her And She Was Tested (-) Both Times She Went Again Last Week So We Waiting On The Results On That Test But How Is It Possible To Be Tested( -) And They Been Together 6 Years?
HIV can take years to receive a positive result..
And yea relate her to get a divorce or a lawyer..
If she does get it she can sue him and he will budge to jail
There are profusely of different reasons. Less than 1% of the population have some type of resistance to HIV and for some reason will/can not become infected.

If her husband is on medication he could have a viral load that is undetectable which is a big risk drop.

If she has never had a STD then her "pink" parts, mouth, vagina, anus are adjectives healthy and there has not be a port of entry for the HIV.

I have to warn you some people's luck does run out. Source(s): HIV Educator/Trainer
yes possible coz hiv infection is done by women can get hiv- 3 months testing 95% that hes doesnt have it.

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