This is the 2nd time im getting a viral restlessness...?

i got a viral just last month and i get it again this month.. right now my temperature is 101.8 degree fahrenheit.
what should i do(other than ingestion medicines and taking rest) to recover from it and also boost my immune system?
just excercise and workour urself
eat healthy food.
munch through apple a day keeps doctor away.
actually whenever i got viral frenzy my doctor gave me a vaccine so you should consult your doctor....

but you should relax because normally it takes 5 to 10 days to get better.... Source(s): EXPERIANCE
You should have transport homeopathic medicine which are sweet intaste, small in dose( only 4small pills) and have no side effects, palatable to anyone, and they will also boost your immunity. Source(s):
it may be a coincident

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