My son put his mouth on a rusty metal lump on a shopping pushcart, Can he acquire sick?

He doesn't have teeth so he didn't bite down.
hey why u take destiny...
just go and take tetanus injection...tht will provide safekeeping for ur kid for next advice go and lug tht TTinjection
Not only have countless hands come within contact with the bar, it may have carried the bacterium Clostridium tetani, major to tetanus, an often fatal disease where the germs produces a toxin that affects your nervous system. Your muscles begin to stiffen and eventually become rigid, usually in the collar and jaw.

Hopefully you've kept up-to-date on your tetanus vaccinations. Source(s): Wikipedia
It doesn't matter that he didn't bite down, he can definitely catch sick especially at his young age because his immune system is not complete developed. Everyone has touch that shopping basket, at hand are numerous of germ he can catch, especially now with the swine flu going around. You can wipe rotten the basket, and put a small towel over the metal bar, please you something so that he doesn't put his mouth on it anymore, very unsafe.
do you know how many hands and other baby mouthes own touched that??
a ton!!

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